Math notes (daily rev. on news)

by Stefano Maruelli – Read & check, at your own risk !

He some concernings about Math. Keep this as a “notes” only.

I use this pages to store my concernings on Math problems that seem to me too hard if just seen “as theory”.

Read all this with an open mind, check any row to understand or discover errors (many of course as I’m not a professor!).


In all this concerning there is a visible rope that connect all them... so pls. read all the page to understand what is my opinion on that.

I use my poor english since I hope this will interest all my friends (and enemy too...;-P)



Complicate Modulus Algebra


A new way to Solve the n-root by hand,


Fermat UTF problem and probably many other


A new story ?


 Last version: 09-05-2017



NEW STORY !  From Complicate Modulus to integrals !


download here: The Two Hand Clock vol. 1







How to easily understand integer solutions






download here: The Two Hand Clock vol. 2 (Fermat and Beal proof)




Beal Conjecture




Powers and Factorial:


Relation between Xn and n!




Delta(n) = n!






Is an interesting procedure that affirm that a special algoritm will ever terminate

Consider the following operation on an arbitrary positive integer:

  • If the number is even, divide it by two.
  • If the number is odd, triple it and add one.

In modular arithmetic notation, define the function f as follows:

 f(n) = \begin{cases} n/2 &\text{if } n \equiv 0 \pmod{2}\\ 3n+1 & \text{if } n\equiv 1 \pmod{2} \end{cases}



etc…click here to read more: .COLLATZ CONJECTURE





Prime study:

some concernings on primes numbers





Solution of n-degree equations




Fattorizzazione “Repunit” (fattorizzazione di numeri contenenti fattori del tipo “1….1”)




Concerning about the Universe


Light Speed can be Doubled !!!

Cern resuts confirm my old “theory” ?


Un nuovo modello “orbitale” tridimensionale